Voyage. No more jet lag.



“I feel much better much faster, much more energetic, as if I didn’t travel at all, … thanks to Voyage!”

- Corinne

“To be able to have a product like Voyage that allows me to continue my normal sleep pattern when I am traveling is a great advantage. Having Voyage in my regimen allowed me to be focused, and helped me get up and have a great day!”

- Javier


The perfect travel companion.

Supports your body’s natural ability to alleviate jet lag, altitude and travel sickness; calm anxiety; boost immune system and protect from food poisoning while traveling.*  

Liquid blend of organic & wildcrafted botanical extracts.

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Suggested Use

Shake well. Add 2 squeezes of the bulb to water 2 times a day (in the morning and at noon). Start using 2 days before the beginning of your trip.

Not suitable for use during pregnancy or nursing.  



Proprietary blend of extracts of Albizzia, Andrographis, Astragalus, Cordyceps, Ginger, Lavender, Rhodiola. Other ingredients: alcohol, distilled water.

"Voyage really works. After a 20 hour long flight and a restful night, I don’t feel jet lagged like I usually would." 

- Dominique

"Kilu’s products are just amazing. I travel a lot, and was always suffering from jetlag. Since I tried Kilu’s products, I have no more issue and I am recovering from my travels much faster." 


"I have always suffered from severe jet lag on my business trips, not being able to adjust for days. Till I found these drops. They work wonders!" 

- Maria  


"It helps me with energy after a long flight. So easy to use!"  

- Nancy